Kindergarten Sight Words Video #10

Congratulations, if you have been following along with the sight word videos in the sight words series, we have completed videos 1-10, of the Kindergarten Sight Words series.  This is the only video of the series that has 11 sight words, this is the last in the series of Kindergarten Sight Words. Kindergarten Sight Words Video #10

These sight words are the recommended sight words for kindergarten, there are 101 sight words in the 10 kindergarten sight words videos we have for you.  Kindergarten Sight Words Video #10 

Rewards are a great way to help children learn.  Each time your child learns the 10 sight words in a video, reward him or her with something they like, i.e. money, a special dinner, a gold star,  a trip somewhere, or anything else special to your child.  This video has 11 sight words. Kindergarten Sight Words Video #10 

Start Preschoolers on the kindergarten Sight Words.

Kindergarten Sight Words Video #10 teaches the following kindergarten sight words:

  1. what
  2. white
  3. who
  4. why
  5. with
  6. year
  7. yellow
  8. yes
  9. you
  10. your
  11. yours


All of the individual Kindergarten Sight Words Videos are listed below:

  1. Kindergarten Sight Words #1, 1-10, Repeats 3 Times
  2. Kindergarten Sight Words #2, 11-20, Repeats 3 Times
  3. Kindergarten Sight Words #3, 21-30, Repeats 3 Times
  4. Kindergarten Sight Words #4, 31-40, Repeats 3 Times
  5. Kindergarten Sight Words #5, 41-50, Repeats 3 Times
  6. Kindergarten Sight Words #6, 51-60, Repeats 3 Times
  7. Kindergarten Sight Words #7, 61-70, Repeats 3 Times
  8. Kindergarten Sight Words #8, 71-80, Repeats 3 Times
  9. Kindergarten Sight Words #9, 81-90, Repeats 3 Times
  10. Kindergarten Sight Words #10, 91-101, Repeats 3 Times


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