Complete Video Set of Sight Words, Kindergarten

Kindergarten Sight Words. Videos 1-10, Complete Set of 101 Sight Words

All of our videos are posted for you to our YouTube Channel’s Xoe’s Place, so that your child can learn sight words with our sight words videos, for FREE.  We never charge anything, we only ask that if you like our videos you give us a Thumbs Up, LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE. Please!

The Complete 10 Video Series.  Kindergarten Sight Words. Videos 1-10 is now available.

101 Kindergarten Sight Words that were recommended by, and we printed up the sight words cards directly from, they are free.

Broken down into 10 videos with 10 sight words each, and then repeated 3 times to help your child retain the new information.

Kindergarten Sight Words. Videos 1-10, Complete Set of 101 Sight Words, is a great video for a review of all of the year’s sight words.

All of the individual Kindergarten Sight Words Videos are listed below:

  1. Kindergarten Sight Words #1, 1-10, Repeats 3 Times
  2. Kindergarten Sight Words #2, 11-20, Repeats 3 Times
  3. Kindergarten Sight Words #3, 21-30, Repeats 3 Times
  4. Kindergarten Sight Words #4, 31-40, Repeats 3 Times
  5. Kindergarten Sight Words #5, 41-50, Repeats 3 Times
  6. Kindergarten Sight Words #6, 51-60, Repeats 3 Times
  7. Kindergarten Sight Words #7, 61-70, Repeats 3 Times
  8. Kindergarten Sight Words #8, 71-80, Repeats 3 Times
  9. Kindergarten Sight Words #9, 81-90, Repeats 3 Times
  10. Kindergarten Sight Words #10, 91-101, Repeats 3 Times

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