Complete Video Set of Sight Words, Kindergarten

The Preschool – Kindergarten Sight Word Videos are Complete and Available, Coming Soon! 1st Grade Sight Word Videos.

Hi, welcome to Sight Word Videos.  Sight Word Videos, has exactly that, sight word videos.  Our Sight word videos are all taught by 7 year old Xoe Richardson, and they are all made available to you via YouTube and as always, are completely FREE.  You don’t even have to register at Sight Words Videos.

Xoe and I have finished the preschool – kindergarten sight word videos and are currently in the process of making the sight word videos for the 1st grade, they should be available by next week.

The sight word videos are broken down into 10 videos with 10 sight words on each video, except the last video which has 11 sight words, giving you a total of 101 sight words.

All of the individual Kindergarten Sight Words Videos are listed below:

  1. Kindergarten Sight Words #1, 1-10, Repeats 3 Times
  2. Kindergarten Sight Words #2, 11-20, Repeats 3 Times
  3. Kindergarten Sight Words #3, 21-30, Repeats 3 Times
  4. Kindergarten Sight Words #4, 31-40, Repeats 3 Times
  5. Kindergarten Sight Words #5, 41-50, Repeats 3 Times
  6. Kindergarten Sight Words #6, 51-60, Repeats 3 Times
  7. Kindergarten Sight Words #7, 61-70, Repeats 3 Times
  8. Kindergarten Sight Words #8, 71-80, Repeats 3 Times
  9. Kindergarten Sight Words #9, 81-90, Repeats 3 Times
  10. Kindergarten Sight Words #10, 91-101, Repeats 3 Times

I have edited together a complete set of the Kindergarten Sight Word Videos into about a 35 minute long video, Kindergarten Sight Words. Videos 1-10, Complete Set of 101 Sight Words, is a great video for a review of all of the year’s sight words.